Canada's homeless pet epidemic is out of control. A homeless pet is being killed every 79 seconds and we need YOUR help.

Hundreds of thousands of healthy dogs and cats are killed each year in Canada because there are not enough homes. There are 100's of not-for-profit organizations throughout Canada that have taken aim at this epidemic. Their tireless and courageous work have made an incredible difference with finding homes for unwanted animals and tackling the roots of the epidemic.

Despite this effort, they still cannot keep up, and they desperately need your help.

The epidemic.

Hundreds of thousands of healthy dogs and cats are killed each year in Canada because there are not enough homes.

Why are there so many homeless animals?

There are a variety of reasons for the amount of homeless and abandoned pets in Canada, namely:

  • Owners acquiring unhealthy pets from illegitimate breeders and puppy mills
  • Unsuspecting owners not realizing the scope of responsibility when acquiring a pet
  • The use of inadequate or ineffective training techniques
  • Insufficient spay/neuter programs in rural areas

All of these issues are compounded by a growing industry of selling pets for profit with little regard to the animal’s welfare and/or caring whether or not the purchase is an educated decision.

How can you help?

1. Learn about the issues

We’ve started the discussion (above). A great next step would be to visit these two sites: and

2. Select a group

Pawlooza has partnered with animal rescue groups from across Canada. View them on our vendors page, click on their website link, visit their booths at Pawlooza, learn about their initiatives, and find the right match for you.

3. Help your group

Make a difference by becoming a foster parent, helping fundraise, and volunteering at events like Pawlooza. Or get creative and have your office hold a jeans day or BBQ, host a loose-change drive, have a bake sale, or hold a charitable garage sale. Just drop off your earnings in the donation bin of your group(s) of choice at Pawlooza!

4. Educate others

Know of a friend who is about to buy a pet? This is your time to shine.. talk about the issues, and show them the thousands of local animals up for adoption on (below).

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